Interview: Vishnu Vishal / Catherine Tresa

Posted on September 7, 2017


This was a light chat with Vishnu Vishal and Catherine Tresa, on the promotion circuit of Kathanayagan. I was pleasantly surprised by the candour with which he handled the “mass” question, and she handled the skin-colour question.

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Quotes from the interview:

Vishnu Vishal: Everyone wants to become a mass hero. If I say no, I am lying. (A mass hero, in Tamil Nadu, is someone people start worshipping.)

Catherine Tresa: Even in our society, I don’t think women are hanging around guys anymore.

Vishnu Vishal: Whatever I send out to the universe, I believe it comes back to me.

Vishnu Vishal: On the 10th day of shoot, I knew certain movies were going wrong.

Vishnu Vishal: If a film doesn’t work, the first person to be abused is the hero.

Catherine Tresa: I am still in the process of increasing my vocabulary in Tamil.

Catherine Tresa: When people say my lip-sync is good, I say that’s my job.

Catherine Tresa: I don’t think you have to be dark to look authentically Tamil.

Catherine Tresa: Madras was a film that made me use my head a lot.

Catherine Tresa: I will not pick a role that shows me as weak or helpless.

Vishnu Vishal: It took me 8 years to know I am going to be in the industry for some time.

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