“Karuppan”… A collection of cliches that the leading man does his best to salvage

Posted on September 29, 2017


Spoilers ahead…

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There’s one interesting quirk in R Panneerselvam’s Karuppan: the songs that are referenced throughout. At a time most films are content to make the mandatory nod to Vijay and Ajith (and we do get that here, with bits of Aaluma doluma and Chella kutti), this director digs deeper. To Sivaji Ganesan hits like Idho endhan dheivam and Nalanthana. To MGR hits like Naan yaen pirandhen. There’s even a song (Murukku meesai mama) that’s tuned like something LR Eswari would have been called in to sing in the 1970s. This may be the case of a filmmaker reminding us of the past. This might also be the case of a filmmaker who has little new to say and is content to repurpose bits and pieces from older hits.

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