The bare essentials of world cinema

Posted on December 12, 2017


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Since the purpose of this series is to show world cinema can be fun – or to put it differently, to sex up world cinema – we’ll begin with a couple of nude scenes.

The most stunning nude scene of all, in my book (or should I say,” in my movie”?) is the one in Ingmar Bergman’s Persona where the nurse taking care of the actress talks about  a day on the beach with a girl who’d paddled over from another island, a newly found friend, when two boys came by. “Then one of them, the more daring of the two, came up and squatted next to Katarina… Suddenly, I heard Katarina say, ‘Hey, why don’t you come over here?’ She took him by the hand, and helped him off with his jeans and shirt. Then, suddenly, he was on top of her. She guided him in with her hands on his behind…”

Bergman’s genius in this nude scene is that there’s no nudity at all.

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