Happy new year

Posted on January 4, 2018


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These are our pick of songs for the occasion from across south India. What are yours??

For the first column of 2018, I decided to do something simple: pick one song from Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam that celebrates the new year (or at least, contains the words “happy new year.”) In Tamil, there was no choice. It was Ilamai idho idho from Sakalakalavallavan (1982). Before the advent of 24×7 TV, when we were still reliant on programmes like Oliyum Oliyum and Chitrahaar to catch a glimpse of song sequences, this was the song that used to be played at the beginning of every new year.

So apart from the great music (Ilayaraja) and the enthusiastic singing (SP Balasubramaniam), this song, for me, is about memories – memories of garish AVM productions that had at least one gargantuan number like this one (roller-skate disco? Bring it on!); memories of Kamal Haasan from a time he’d just made a splash in Hindi cinema (note the nod to Ek Duuje Ke Liye at the 3.13 mark); memories of a time actors’ songs were beginning to seem more like an homage to their careers (note also, the reference to Kamal’s first film, Kalathur Kannama, at the 3.23 mark, and then, Kalyanaraman).

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