Readers Write In #30: Rant of an anti-national

Posted on January 5, 2018


We have history books. Philosophical works. Research papers on culture, economy and religion and their impacts on society. Artistic works on the exploitation of the ruled by the ruler. Field workers who themselves have borne the brunt of excesses of our enemy. Dialecticians splitting their hairs to interpret the course of society.

With all these weaponry in place, whom do we propose to fight? Those who believe in fake  images and unverifiable bits of history and myths, those who have no patience for well- researched evidences and facts, those who believe in daggers and guns and lathis, those for whom listening to the learned is some sort of pain, those who love emotional platitudes, rhythmic expressions of kitsch and over-blown sentiment.

How is the battle going to be won?

Do we at least have such hopes or have we resigned ourselves to the whims and fancies of Providence?


When we are ready to allot time for listening to what our enemy speaks and wait to expect the same kind of decency from the other end, what do we get in response?

A loud, peremptory howl of accusation that signals the end of ‘discussion’.

When we are ready to accept our historical missteps, apologize for the errors of our allies and wait to expect the same kind of decency from the other end, what do we get in response?

A series of vehement chest-thumps that identifies all their blunders and cruelties with the interest of something larger-than-life, something totally infallible and supremely sacrosanct, often called ‘The Nation’ in their language.

When we are suffering from the disease of magnanimity that forces us to acknowledge even the rare, accidental good that our enemy had unwittingly done to our nation, a disease which forces us to respect the icons and forefathers of our enemy, what disease do they suffer from?

A disease that makes them spout slews of unpalatable sentences that are indistinguishable from crude ‘name-calling’ of our ideological forefathers associating each one of them with every kind of obnoxious crime or conspiracy conceivable to the barbaric imagination of our enemy.

In this battle between brains and empty emotions, does the former stand any chance?

With every instance of recent historical development pointing to the victory of emotional loud-mouths that are bent on dividing humanity on artificial and obsolescent identities, does the side that stands for universal human integration still have any strength left over to stand its ground on the battlefield and carry its noble cause?

How many more scars do we need to sustain?

How many more years of patience do we need to muster to fight till the end?

How much gallons of sweat and blood do we need to sacrifice more?

With every reversal that we face on the battlefield, we pull millions of hapless, innocent, toiling masses down with us whose lives keep becoming more awry and chequered with every passing second.


The Present seems untiring in deceiving us and in depriving us of all our self-invented chances. The Present seems dogged in its diabolic endeavors to create a bleak, uninhabitable, dystopian Future.

With every natural element underlying the Present working against us, whom do we have to fall back upon?

The Past? The omniscient Oracle who has seen all, felt all, and guided all. Does he have anything valuable to tell us? Do his words mean anything at all against the gush of Fleeting Time?

His calm face seems to inform us that he has seen the Slave who fought and won over his Master.

His calm face seems to inform us that he has seen the Serf who fought and won over his Landlord.

His calm face seems to inform us that he has seen the Woman who fought and won over her shameless Possessor.

Can us soldiers afford to ignore the message of this immortal Oracle who owns the power to subsume both his children- The temporal Present and The Blind Future?

With so much to gain from the words of The Past, do we soldiers realize how valuable is such a man to the enemy? If the enemy manages to seize the all-knowing Past from us, he will end up distorting and confusing him. He will rid the Oracle of all his healing powers. He will succeed in turning the noble Oracle into a Wizard who could conjure evil spirits and black magic to haunt the hapless multitudes.

Let us fight with everything at our disposal, my dear soldiers, the battle that is as much a battle for The Future as it is for The Past!!

– Jeeva P