“Eeda”… An impressively distinct take on the world’s most well-known romance

Posted on January 9, 2018


Spoilers ahead…

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Eeda (Here) is being sold as an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, but the most defining scenes have little to do with star-crossed lovers. Take the stretch where Kannur boy Anand (Shane Nigam), who now works in an insurance firm in Mysore, witnesses a man being hacked to death. But after the attackers leave, he sees there’s some life left. We get the shot of an ambulance racing to the hospital. After all this, the man dies anyway, and we learn about this through someone else. Here’s another scene: Anand is at home with his roommate, who’s working on a laptop. The doorbell rings. The roommate has ordered in. Anand gets the bag with the food. The roommate gives him money, which Anand hands over to the delivery boy. The roommate asks Anand if he wants to eat. Anand says no. End of scene.

A different kind of filmmaker might have relished the prospect of staging a prolonged death scene. A man dies. Anand is distraught that he couldn’t help. The people around begin to wail. Imagine the opportunities to manipulate the audience! This other filmmaker might have also axed the food-delivery scene. Why waste precious screen time on a stretch that does not advance the story in any significant way? But these scenes define the film’s style, which is what every new adaptation of this archetypal love story needs. No one goes to a Romeo-Juliet movie to see what it’s about. It’s the how that makes or breaks each new stab at this old, old story.

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