“Sketch”… A been-there-done-that story of a good-hearted thug

Posted on January 13, 2018


Spoilers ahead…

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So what’s new in Vijay Chandar’s Sketch? The hero’s (Jeeva aka Sketch, played by Vikram) meant-to-be-kewl hand gesture, for one: it resembles how you’d show the number five, except that the ring finger is folded in. (Wait! Could that be a metaphor for his commitment phobia? Nah! This isn’t remotely that kind of movie.) Sketch’s line of work is somewhat new — he seizes vehicles whose owners default on EMI payments. And at least a bit of the plot is new. It takes a long time coming, but someone starts killing Sketch’s friends, and this track is resolved with a twist I didn’t expect.

The rest of the narrative is as old as… at least, say, Gemini? Once again, we have a good-hearted ruffian, whose girlfriend calls him a jackfruit. He’s prickly on the outside; soft and sweet inside. Who’d have guessed that? (Said girlfriend is played by Tamannaah, who goes by the name of… Amuthavalli. Yes, I gulped — but as screen names for blank-faced north Indian actresses go, it’s a little easier to digest than Koperundevi, which is what Tamannaah was called in Veeram.) Usually, we have to suffer romantic tracks in the first half, till the script catches fire. Here, the duets begin to spring up post interval. You may feel like hurling something at the script — say, a jackfruit!

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