The Amateur’s Art #32 – The Beautiful Portrait

Posted on January 19, 2018


See here for what this series is about.

This is from Thulasidasan Jeewaratinam. His note:

This isn’t the first time I’m premiering my short in your blog. If you remember, my short film, The Robbery (4th Amateur’s Art, I believe) also debuted on your blog.

It’s been a year since and I happen to have a new short film, titled The Beautiful Portrait. “With the help of a match-making company called “The Beautiful Portrait Agency”, John secures a relationship with a match, Sofya, to a high 89.899% compatibility match. In a swipe-right (Tinder) culture, do numbers really triumph hearts?”

Also, saying this as an avid reader of your blog, I’ve noticed a downturn trend to people’s reactions and expectations to Amateur’s Art series, with readers getting increasingly ignorant over the videos. Being a student-filmmaker in Malaysia, while making short films that drive against the market trend in my country, I can only expect film circles, like your blog, to be interested in my features.

I wondered, perhaps, you could watch my short film, contribute “a line or two” of your opinion below the video on your blog. While you may be getting that from every filmmaker on your blog, I highly hope you consider it, Sir. The test screenings we did for “The Beautiful Portrait” in front of a wide audience left them reeling with delight and riot, to poignancy towards the end. This may be a novice’s short, but I reckon it’ll be worthy of your attention.

Whether the opinion your contribute is good or bad, that’s not really my concern. Any sort of comment provocation is a good publicity for a short film.

PS: I found this an interesting effort, especially wrt to the mood created by the music. Will try to pen down a few more thoughts when I find the time.