“Nimir”… A disappointingly (though expectedly) ordinary remake that’s watchable at best

Posted on January 27, 2018


Spoilers ahead…

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For the second time this year – after Special 26 was masala-fied into Thaanaa Serndha Koottam – we get a remake that is faithful to the original in story but not in spirit. Priyadarshan’s take on Dileesh Pothan’s Maheshinte Prathikaaram, titled Nimir (Arise), follows a photographer named Selvam (Udhayanidhi Stalin) through several unremarkable days until his life, inadvertently, turns remarkable. Here, too, we get the chain reaction of events that happen not to the protagonist but to the people around him (this includes a great gag set around the national anthem), and eventually, Selvam gets sucked into a conflict not of his own making. He’s humiliated. He swears revenge. As this occurs around the interval block, we are primed for a testosterone-fuelled second half. Which Tamil-film hero, after all, has failed to do what he set out to do?

But we’re talking about a Malayalam-film hero. The great joke of Maheshinte Prathikaaram (Mahesh’s Revenge) is how it completely subverts our expectations and, in the process, strikes a blow at the heart of the hero-centric masala movie. Mahesh is the gentlest of men, and yet, owing to the culture of masculinity in patriarchal societies, it doesn’t take much to incite primal passions that leave even someone like him baying for blood. In a typical masala movie, the second half would simmer with the prospect of the final showdown between good and evil. But in Maheshinte Prathikaaram, the “villain” simply vanishes. The hero is left nursing his wounded pride and the realisation that life goes on. The revenge promised in the title is almost an afterthought.

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