“Hey Jude”… An unsurprising but warm, feel-good dramedy

Posted on February 3, 2018


Spoilers ahead…

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Jude (Nivin Pauly) is in Goa. A great-aunt has died, and his Kochi-based family – father Dominic (Siddique), mother Maria (Neena Kurup) – have come to pay their last respects. Endings sometimes lead to new beginnings, and Jude meets Crystal (Trisha Krishnan, in one of her most disarming performances). They do what high-wattage movie stars do: first, they fight; then, they become friends; and then, we get this scene on the beach, with Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World mingling with the midnight air. The halting interplay between the characters (and the actors) is beautiful, and Jude tells Crystal he likes her. She replies, with a smile, “Do you like me or… love me?” This is exactly the kind of dreamy, romantic scene the posters have primed us for. Only, Hey Jude is not a romance.

The director, Shyamaprasad, has called the film a rom-com – but it isn’t that either. Hey Jude is one of those movies where a buttoned-up nerd, with very particular habits and interests, begins to loosen up under the influence of a free spirit. (And I mean this literally, for it isn’t until the final scenes that Jude stops fastening the topmost buttons on his shirts.) And yet… it isn’t quite that kind of movie either. For a while, Crystal does come across like a manic pixie put on this earth for the sole purpose of unbuttoning Jude. (We first meet her as she’s strumming a guitar and singing You fill up my senses beside her mother’s grave.) But it turns out, she isn’t that sorted after all.

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