“Kalakalappu 2.”… A long wait for intermittent laughs, but the comedians step up and deliver (somewhat)

Posted on February 9, 2018


Spoilers ahead…

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Through the first half of Kalakalappu 2, I kept glancing at the time. 30 minutes in, and we’ve just had one weak stab at a joke. It’s when Jiiva calls out to his dog, named Sugar. And Jai asks, “Sweet dog aa. Naai ku Sugar nu paer vechirukkeenga?” (This is so not worth translating.) A little later, when Sathish is accused of sending a woman a phone message, he asks, “En handwriting la irundhudha?” (See note about translation above.) At the one-hour mark, we get a boob joke, playing on the word “pazham.” The audience laughed. As for me, the only smile came from imagining the circumstances that led to Sathish having Catherine Tresa for a sister. I recalled what Jagan, cast as Tamannah’s brother in Ayan, said: “Amma paal, appa decoction.”

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