“Savarakathi”… A “comedy” that works on and off, but is still eminently worthwhile

Posted on February 9, 2018


Spoilers ahead…

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You’ll probably not see a more bizarre movie than Savarakathi (Shaving Knife) this year, and I mean it as a sort of compliment. The film opens with Pitchai (the director Ram), a barber given to tall tales. (He claims the razor he uses once caressed the stubble of the emperor Akbar!) Pitchai’s wife, Subathra (Poorna), is hearing-impaired, and listening to her crosstalk with her husband, the stage seems set for a broad comedy. But pay close attention to the scene where Pitchai holds his razor (in jest, of course) to the throat of a customer who doesn’t seem to buy his yarns. Soon, the tables will be turned. When Pitchai gets into a scuffle with a machete-wielding gangster named Mangaa, the blade, in a manner of speaking, now hovers close to his throat.

And we get to the scene where Mangaa is at a coffee shop, his eyes fixed on a woman dipping into a chocolate cake. She tells her husband that this is making her uncomfortable. They swap seats, so she is no longer facing Mangaa. But he continues to stare. And when the husband retaliates with a scowl, Mangaa’s men beat him up. What is the point of this scene, one may wonder! Hasn’t the violent nature of these men already been established in the earlier stretch where they beat up a number of men, in quick succession? But the woman is in a yellow sari and Mangaa is played by Mysskin. So…

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