The Amateur’s Art #35 – Khabt (Hindi, with English subs)

Posted on March 11, 2018


See here for what this series is about.

This film came from Ashish Sharma, with this note:

This is Ashish Sharma, a student short filmmaker based in Delhi. I study biology at Deshbandhu College, University of Delhi. Short Filmmaking has been my hobby since school times.

After So many attempts, the film, I am sharing with you has been my dream project production wise. We as a team have tried to remove all amateur flaws as much as possible.

The film is Directed by my friend Aditya Raj Tak. I was Production In-charge, Sound Designer & Editor in the project.

Your Review will be very helpful for us to grow. Our Process is learning from mistakes & not repeating them.

Ved’s disordered life that is, him being lost in illusions as complicated as his girlfriend forgetting him & Synchronicity of sudden encounters with out of context elements drive him to insanity. But his biggest aid contradicts it’s role to let the illusions go on & giving faith to the hammer of time for Ved to fall off peacefully.

KHABT – Disorder , Maniac , Obsession, Demented , Addiction
A Question for Audience Remains . . .