Interview: Abishek Raaja aka cinemapayyan

Posted on March 22, 2018


Online reviewer Abhishek Raaja, aka @cinemapayyan, talks about his new channel (in collaboration with Potential Studios). What is the vision? What is going to be different from the work he did at Fully Filmy and Behindwoods? What did the “Dark Video” mean? He talks about reaching and audience beyond the click-baiting Ajith/Vijay videos, and reviewing films of industry people he is friends with. What is the difference in the film industry’s views about the online space today? He addresses the criticism he got for the Andrea Jeremiah interview, how he found his voice, and what reviews mean to him.


Our brand is like a bus stop.

There is no money in YouTube.

There is a ‘sketch’ involved in getting an interview.

Straight-a answer ey solla maatteengala neenga?

After the AAA interview, STR and I didn’t talk for a while.

STR is a unique, weird, lovable brother I have earned in the industry.

I endured a lot of bullying in my school days.

7 days into my marriage, the entire Andrea thing happened.

In the Wonder Woman comics, her cleavage is drawn bigger than her face.

The Andrea episode taught me to think about my interviewing style.

If my son is gay, I can’t think about what the world thinks.

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