The Amateur’s Art #36 – Between the Words (English)

Posted on March 24, 2018


See here for what this series is about.

This film came from K Harish, with this note:

Hello sir!

I’m K. Harish, a Chennai resident, and a B. Sc. (Visual Communication) graduate from Loyola College, Chennai. I’ve been an ardent follower of your reviews and articles and you took a very special place in my heart after I read ‘Conversation with Mani Ratnam’.
You have shared a Tamil short film called ‘Agadiyam’, directed by Venkatesh Venkatram, which was released on Feb 20, 2016, as a part of your blog in the section ‘Amateur’s Art’. I was the lead actor in that short, with the ‘Joker’ makeup. When you shared that first effort of us, it meant so much to me, and I was very happy that it got recognised by you! So, I thought I could share my own short film with you, which I did for my ‘Final Project’ paper, in Loyola.
I’ve written and directed this short and this is my second directorial. I’ve tried to capture and mirror the drama and dilemma in a Friendship – Love conflict between two best friends, who fall in love.
I had a very good experience in writing and directing this whole piece, and thought you might like this and also wanted to seek your opinion!
So, please do watch the short film when you find time and let me know your thoughts sir! I would love to hear your opinion and I’ll be very happy if you could share this on any of your media platforms, if you feel like it deserved!

Between the words is a romantic shortfilm deals with love and friendship. What do we talk when we talk about Love? Can two best friends fall in Love? Love can’t be said. But love can be seen. Love can be felt. Come, find the answers…