Caught @ Cannes: Asghar Farhadi, Cate Blanchett, and a kimono

Posted on May 9, 2018


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The jury press conference got off to a dullish start when the president, Cate Blanchett, began to answer the question: “What is a good Palme d’Or?” She said it was all things — writing, performances, mise en scène. But when the question was passed around to the other members of the jury, things got interesting. Kristen Stewart said, “On a base level, there are imperfect films that are still great. It’s like plucking little clams out of whole sea. But the film should be fundamentally and undeniably moving. In ten years’ time, it should still stand.” How she hoped to accomplish this feat of prognostication, she declined to explain. But Ava Duvernay added, “A film should be of its time and also timeless. There should be an emotional muscularity to it. I should connect with it. Within the idea of universality, there’s a specificity I look for. Hopefully we’ll find something like that.”

Duvernay was attired in a dress apparently inspired by the flora of the Amazonian rainforest: bursts of bright green and bursts of bright yellow. Next to her, Denis Villeneuve wore a jacket in a shade that a colour chart I later referred to called Olympic blue. (Think Cobalt blue after a few spins in the washing machine.) And next to him, Blanchett wore a pastel pink suit. The three jurors made the others to  look positively anaemic. Stewart, in particular, looked like she was rebelling against high fashion by opting for her high school uniform: there was no other explanation for the jacket. Or maybe she knew no one was going to ask her anything, so why bother! The questions kept going to Blanchett. With so many new filmmakers, how would the jury sit in judgement of the new Godard film? “With an open mind,” Blanchett said. “By trying to remove names and pasts and just dealing with the present.”

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