Bitty Ruminations 89 – Efficiency tips

Posted on June 25, 2018


I’ve always been a very organised person, and one of the tools that keeps me sane is making a list in the morning — all the to-do things, small and big, including the leftovers from the previous day. The idea is not to do it all, but just get a sense of what needs to be done. As I keep working through the list, I keep crossing out items. It’s basic pen and paper — but it really helps. I love the scratching out, the physical act of effacing a to-do item. It’s so satisfying.

Another thing I’ve begun to do recently is use my inbox as an additional to-do list (I read about this somewhere; TIME, I think). Since gmail allows folders, I banish all emails I’ve already addressed to the respective folders (Work, Tax, etc.) — and I try to have less than 20 emails in my inbox, that I can quickly see and review. (Currently, I have 11.)

Would love to hear from readers about this. What are your efficiency tips?

PS: Yes, I guess you have to be a tad OCD to want to organise things this way, but I get paralysed if I don’t put things down. I’d never get anything done.

PPS: Yes, this is also an attempt to revive Bitty Ruminations about non-film subjects, so if you have something you want to chip in on, let me know.