Interview: M Sasikumar

Posted on June 29, 2018


Subramaniyapuram turns ten this July. Sasikumar, currently starring in Asuravadham, talks about the success of the film, the failure of Easan (maybe he should have made it later, he wonders), what he got from assisting Bala and Ameer. He names his favourite films by Bharathiraja, Balachander, Balu Mahendra, Mahendran, Bala and Ameer, and talks about why these films are special. He says his not returning to direction is not because of the failure of Easan, but due to his acting commitments. He talks about stardom being a kind of prison, and about taking instructions from other filmmakers. And he talks about big, Baahubali-like historical project, written with Su Venkatesan, which he narrated to Suriya and Vijay.

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