FC @ Venice 1: #MeToo makes it to the Lido, though there are compensations

Posted on August 29, 2018


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I saw the strangest sight at the 75th Venice Film Festival. In front of the press room, photographers had formed a semi-circle around someone who was obviously a celebrity. (I later realised it was the Italian actor, Michele Riondino.) The lights kept flashing from cameras, but it wasn’t like how this sort of thing happens at Cannes. There was no red carpet. (This was Tuesday evening, and the festival hadn’t officially begun.) The photographers weren’t cordoned off. It was as though Riondino had strolled in, and the photographers had discovered him by chance. A colleague told me this is how things are at this festival: casual. At Cannes, everything is a production staged at several arms’ lengths. Here, it didn’t seem improbable that you could put an arm around Riondino and take a selfie.

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