FC @ Venice  3: Virtual Reality experiences of war and the cosmos, plus sci-fi based on Philip K Dick

Posted on August 30, 2018


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Okay, I most certainly did not expect to be reminded of Subhash Ghai while watching a VR film at the 75th Venice Film Festival. Eliza McNitt’s Spheres: Chorus of the Cosmos describes the birth (and possible death) of earth, starting from the Big Bang, and when a Saturn-like planet begins to form and revolve around you, you feel like you are running on its rings. You feel like… Rishi Kapoor running on the giant LP record in Karz. (I know what you are thinking. You can take the boy out of India, but you cannot take India out of the boy.) The other filmic reference is more along expected lines — hurtling through a multi-coloured cosmos, it’s impossible not to recall the protagonist’s “trip” through the galaxy in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Invoking Subhash Ghai and Stanley Kubrick in the same paragraph — that’s something else I most certainly did not expect to be doing at the 75th Venice Film Festival.

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