FC @ Venice 4: Alfonso Cuarón’s magnificent ‘Roma,’ plus the other awards at the festival

Posted on September 1, 2018


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With the premiere of Alfonso Cuarón’s Netflix-acquired Roma, the Venice film festival effectively told Cannes: “Stop fussing about the format. Focus on the film.” For if this isn’t CINEMA, then what is? The press booklet called Roma “[Cuarón’s] most personal project to date.” I don’t know about “most personal.” Every time I watch Y Tu Mamá También, this director’s grandly intimate masterpiece whose subject is nothing less than life itself, I feel no one who doesn’t feel genetically bonded to the material can come close to making something like this — the narrative seemed to spring from Cuarón’s soul. But yes, Roma is certainly a personal project, in the sense of what Cuarón said in his director’s statement: “[This] is an attempt to capture the memory of events that I experienced almost fifty years ago. It is an exploration of Mexico’s social hierarchy…  and, above all, it’s an intimate portrait of the women who raised me…”

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