Off the Topic: Making sci fi accesible to the masses

Posted on November 3, 2018


Dear BR,

Below is a topic which I felt can be discussed on the thread.

The gap between the first and second installments of Enthiran is almost a decade. A huge time frame from a technology stand point. So much has changed and developed in the area of AI,robotics, data age. While I wasnt anticipating a high concept flick from Shankar, what disappointed me is the lack of imagination in the main storyline?

While judging a movie by its trailer can be wrong, the main premise of phones being taken away from people and wreaking havoc in society seemed childish. Enthiran had a sci fi premise while this seemed more like a superhero premise.

What is important is the data being taken away or a digital dictator who seems to have control over all of our data. While I was discussing this with a Friend, my friend rightfully told me that the “masses” might not understand those concepts, rise of AI or digital dictatorship. With so much money at stake, the producers can’t afford to make a film which talks about a high concept.

Which brings me to the question of how can a balance be achieved by making high concept sci fi and making it accessible and understandable to the masses? Are there any instances of that in Indian Cinema? How does Hollywood achieve it? Some of the Marvel content has great sci fi and “massy” moments as well.

Sanjay NM