Off the Topic: Sensitive Males

Posted on November 8, 2018


A lot in this article really resonated with me. Any one else — man or woman — cares to weigh in?

Many people don’t have patience for a man in distress. We’re expected to pull ourselves up, lick our wounds and soldier on.

I’ve always been super sensitive — the highs are high and the lows are low.

It always seemed like I felt things deeper than the people around me. In a gaggle of teens, my attention competed with roaring laughter to try to understand why that one person in the crowd looked upset.

Today, I start to get overwhelmed about 30 minutes into hanging out at a crowded bar. That’s pretty common for HSPs — when you feel everything more acutely than others, the end result is almost always being overwhelmed.

Nearly every disappointed glance anyone has ever shot me is stored in my memory — from friends and bank tellers alike — and each new one hurts more than the last.

These things are not supposed to faze men. We are taught from a young age that our worth is in our strength — both physical and emotional.

This conversation reinforced the perception that there’s something “unmanly” about feeling too deeply, or trying to talk about those feelings.

Our society generally does not recognize sensitivity as a strength for men. Don’t let the romantic comedy talk about how desirable “sensitive” guys are fool you.

But I’m also learning that sensitivity is what makes me an excellent listener, a considerate friend and thoughtful about things beyond myself.