“Thimiru Pudichavan”… An enjoyably OTT cop drama that’s like a Hari movie done right

Posted on November 17, 2018


Spoilers ahead…

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Murugavel (Vijay Antony) is the most earnest cop you’ll find. He doesn’t take bribes (and to the irritation of his colleagues, he won’t let them either). When he sees a sewage-related problem, he wades into the muck and begins a cleanup operation. When his disgusted colleagues, who’ve been roped in, ask him why, he says clogged roads lead to traffic jams and crowds, which makes it easier for pickpockets. Or something. His younger brother is sick of his goodness. We’d be too, if the writer-director Ganeshaa weren’t so self-aware. At one point, Murugavel explains to a distraught father how his young son is filled with the villain’s (Padma, played by Sai Dheena) influence. As a demo, he fills a glass with water. The glass is the boy. The water is Padma. And it’s up to them to wean the boy away — so Murugavel keeps dropping pebbles into the glass. Slowly, the water begins to spill out. Just as scene reaches the “Are you kidding me with this?” level, the boy’s father snaps: “I’m asking you for help, and you’re narrating the fable about the crow and the pitcher.” I laughed. Everyone around me did.

Thimiru Pudichavan (The Arrogant Man) is outlandish fun. A lot of the time, I was laughing at it. The OTT stretches are pulp-movie heaven. Like Jason Statham in the Crank instalments, Murugavel needs to keep his heart rate/blood pressure up — so he wears a wristwatch-like indicator that glows red for danger. It’s a sight gag in itself. (It looks like a homing beacon from a William Shatner-era episode of Star Trek.) And an electroshock moment towards the end is glorious — as is a moment involving Lord Muruga’s rooster. Yes. You read that right. Thimiru Pudichavan is like Crank meets a Ramanarayanan movie. That should tell you, right away, if you’re the target audience. Even when his character is possessed by the spirit of the Lord, Vijay Antony’s facial expressions remain frozen. But the film winks at that, too. This time, you are laughing with the proceedings.

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