Readers Write In #63: Kollywood sequels that matter

Posted on December 10, 2018


To sequel or not to sequel, that is hardly the question in Kollywood these days. After enduring The Singam trilogy, Saamy X Saamy, Sandakozhi 2 and whatnot, I was wondering if we have taken this too far. I may have raised an eyebrow when I heard about Indian 2 and a Thevar Magan sequel (both my eyebrows were raised at this point); but it was more out of curiosity than pessimism. Finally, it was the announcement of Charlie Chaplin 2 and a delayed viewing of Kalakalappu 2 that gave me the answer to my previous question: We have definitely taken this too far.

Sequels that we “REALLY” need right now

Since the floodgates have clearly been opened, I wanted to contribute my own sequel ideas. Some of these can be realised within the next five years, but we may have to wait for technological improvements before a few others may see fruition (not unlike what George Lucas did). So without further ado:

Krodham 3

India’s answer to The Vengeance Trilogy. It was during Krodham 2 that I first asked myself ‘Was a sequel even necessary?’. I’m hoping Krodham 3 would change my mind.

Samsaaram Adhu Minsaaram 2: Wife En Life

This is set in a dystopian future where families are addicted to a ‘Visu App’ that constantly creates domestic problems and also goes on to solve them. A similar setting would work for Vedikkai En Vadikkai, Penmani Aval Kanmani, etc.

(As I was writing this, I realised that all Visu films are spiritual sequels of each other)

Singam 4: Sshhhh

A silent film that would atone for all the busted eardrums caused by the original trilogy.

Vasool Raja MD

Where Kamal aspires to obtain an MD but his plans are thwarted by the introduction of NEET. The movie ends with a heart-wrenching monologue by Kamal about the unfair deal that Tamil Nadu received from the whole exercise (‘Tis the season to be political, no?)

Boys 2: Men

Okay this was just for the title, which I thought was clever. Moving right along…

Baba 2: Khatam khatam?

To the director’s credit, Baba did end with a ‘To be continued’ card on screen. What better way for Thalaivar to launch his secular-spiritual party?

Anniyan 2

In which Ambi joins the RSS, Remo gets MeTooed and Anniyan kills himself in order to prevent another sequel from happening. Punch line: ‘Anju sequel eduthaa tappaa? Anju peru anju thadava anju sequel…’

By Gautham Srinivas