“Thuppakki Munai”… A thoroughly underwhelming drama that trivialises important issues

Posted on December 14, 2018


Spoilers ahead…

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Sometimes, after watching a movie, I have to go back to my review of the director’s earlier film to remind myself that my expectations (for the new film) weren’t entirely off-base. That’s what I did after Dinesh Selvaraj’s thoroughly underwhelming Thuppakki Munai (Gunpoint). About his first film, Naalu Peruku Nalladhuna Edhuvum Thappilla, I’d written, solid writing… fascinating character… clever reveals… sometimes aggressively showy filmmaking… moralising is kept to a minimum… This film seems as if the director set about trying to prove me wrong on every count. Even the craft is missing. The overall crudeness (wait till you get to the ugly “touch” involving a candle) made me wish for… aggressively showy filmmaking. At least, you can get off on the frames.

The premise isn’t bad. Vikram Prabhu plays a trigger-happy encounter cop named Birla Bose. The name turns out to be the most interesting thing about him. What prompts a parent to pick such a name? The desire to sow, very early on, the seeds of entrepreneurship in the child, in which case are there siblings named Tata Bose and Ambani Bose? How, then, did Birla end up a cop? He keeps shooting people in the forehead, with zero respect for due process. I thought he’d be someone with serious issues — a rogue cop whose morality is suspect. As it turns out, it’s just a thing, one of those “cool” character traits that’s the screenwriting equivalent of a snazzy watch or an “I saw 2.0 FDFS” status message.

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