“Viswasam”… With this pretty decent action-drama, Siva finally repays Ajith’s faith in him

Posted on January 11, 2019


Spoilers ahead…

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The new Siva-Ajith Kumar collaboration, Viswasam (Loyalty), begins with the expected hero-introduction scene. The Collector of Theni district is trying to make peace between two parties. The name Thookudurai is mentioned and we cut to the outside, to glimpses of the man. A hand on the steering wheel of a car. A beard with more white than black. The back of the head as he stands up and salutes the gathering. The foot, as he strides into the site of the dispute. We then hear his voice. Now, we get the knuckles of a hand, that rests in reassurance on a man’s shoulder. And finally, the face. I keep thinking they’re going to run out of body parts to zoom into while building up to the face reveal — though the knuckles are a nice touch. (A future film might give us fingernails, or ooh, an earlobe.) I resigned myself to more of the same-old, same-old. I thought this would be yet another stretch of endless hero-glorification. I was pleasantly surprised.

Yes, Viswasam is about the hero, and he does get glorified — but not in the ways you expect. Amidst all the action mayhem, this is a Sultan-like drama about a husband who makes a mistake and atones in his own brawny way. After the scene with the Collector, we move to a festival, where Thookudurai’s grandmother tells him that she’s not fooled by his smiles. She knows that deep down, he’s sad. “Sirippum sandhoshamum vera,” she says, in one of the many nice bits of dialogue, the highlight being a terrific exchange between Thookudurai and his wife, Niranjana (Nayanthara, perfectly cast), in a hospital. But first, we have to wait out the meet-cute. She’s a doctor from Mumbai, and she falls for his ability to beat ten people up at the same time. Plus, she admits he’s dishy, a line that’s clearly mandatory in every one of this hero’s outings.

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