Celebrate Valentine’s Day with these “love letters” from one filmmaker to another

Posted on February 14, 2019


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This Valentine’s Day, let’s celebrate love differently. Not with a list of films about love. Not with a list of great love scenes. Not with a list of great love stories between stars. So what then? Oftentimes, when a director achieves something great, he/she inspires envy, but sometimes, he/she also inspires the purest kind of love from a fellow filmmaker, and the appreciation feels almost like a love letter.

 Let’s begin with Jean-Luc Godard going into raptures about Charlie Chaplin:

“He is beyond praise because he is the greatest of all. What else can one say? The only filmmaker, anyway, to whom one can apply without misunderstanding that very misleading adjective, ‘humane’… Today one says Chaplin as one says Da Vinci — or rather Charlie, like Leonardo.”

Akira Kurosawa watched ‘Solaris’ (1972) with Andrei Tarkovsky. He then wrote about the experience.

When the film was over, [Tarkovsky] stood up, looking at me as if he felt timid. I said to him, “Very good. It makes me feel real fear.” Tarkovsky smiled shyly, but happily. And we toasted vodka at the restaurant in the Film Institute. Tarkovsky, who didn’t drink usually, drank a lot of vodka, and went so far as to turn off the speaker from which music had floated into the restaurant, and began to sing the theme of samurai from Seven Samurai at the top of his voice. As if to rival him, I joined in. For I was at that moment very happy to find myself living on Earth.

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