“LKG”… RJ Balaji stars in a fitfully amusing satire on Tamil Nadu politics and cinema

Posted on February 22, 2019


Spoilers ahead…

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LKG has been “directed” by KR Prabhu, but “direction” is too loose a word for what he has done here — basically, ensure that the gags in the script survive their transfer to the big screen. LKG, then, is more about the writing (credited to “RJ Balaji & friends”) — and like many films of this genre, it works when the gags work, and falls flat when they don’t. But here’s the surprise. I thought the film would do to Tamil Nadu politics what Tamizh Padam did to Tamil cinema. And sure enough, nothing is spared, not even the upcoming Selvaraghavan-Suriya political drama, whose title (NGK) is the acronym of the tripartite name of its protagonist. (Here, RJ Balaji plays Lalgudi Karuppiah Gandhi, hence LKG.) And how about the exam called PEET? Only, this one’s for aspiring politicians: Political Eligibility and Entrance Test. From Vijay Mallya to Sasikala’s oath-taking to the name of a newspaper (“Thaai Oli”? In the land of Amma? Yikes!), no target is sacred.

But the film isn’t just a loose parade of jokes…

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