“90ml”… This dramedy about women needed better writing but it gets the job done

Posted on March 1, 2019


Spoilers ahead…

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The trailer of 90ml, directed by “Alagiya Asura”, suggested an unapologetic sleaze fest, and but this isn’t that film. Yes, there are the expected titillations: a young woman launching into her “first night” story, or a chat about how lesbians make love (which results in a Rajinikanth-movie catchphrase being used to connote cunnilingus). Something about a bunch of women invading Tamil cinema’s “male” territory and throwing themselves a beer-and-biriyani party made the (primarily male) 9am audience around me go wild. (Is this the first time the statutory warning about smoking and drinking is announced in a female voice? ) The fantasy is amplified when a (very willing) man is summoned to make a “half-boiled”.

The crowd went wilder when Oviya made an entrance, in a short skirt. The attire leaves everyone else in this middle-class building (she’s moving in) open-mouthed, and she stays open-mouthed, too — say, nibbling the of her live-in boyfriend or blowing out smoke from a slender cigarette. I was afraid that, amidst all the celebration, people might miss a crucial line of a song that defines this character: that we come into this world alone and we leave it unaccompanied, so who the fuck are you to ask me questions? (The swearing is my addition. I didn’t want to feel left out.) She doesn’t believe in marriage. Just in having entries and exits in her “bungalow”. (In case you missed that euphemism, let me just add that there’s no news whether the lawns are trimmed.)

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