“Natpe Thunai”… A loud, choppy sports movie that wants to be both drama and comedy

Posted on April 4, 2019


Spoilers ahead…

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In Natpe Thunai, Adhi plays a hockey player. As with everything else, the film takes a long time to get to the point that he actually plays hockey — for all he does till a little before the interval is sing Hiphop Tamizha songs, hang out with friends and romance Deepa (Anagha). But wait! Could there be something else here, something deeper? The Adhi character’s name is Prabhakaran. He ends up being his team’s captain. He is… Captain Prabhakaran! Now put on your 3D glasses and look carefully. That was the name of a movie starring Vijayakanth. This movie is produced by Khushboo. Vijayakanth and Khushboo appeared together in Enkitta Mothathe, which is exactly what this film’s protagonist could be telling the opponent team’s captain…

I apologise. It must be the Super Deluxe after-effect. I’m seeing connections everywhere — except in the plot threads of Natpe Thunai. This is one of those anything-goes films (the director is D Parthiban Desingu) that exists at the opposite end of the spectrum from Super Deluxe. Everything is meticulously… unconstructed. Actors appear to have been roped in just because they have name-recognition value (‘Eruma Saani’ Vijay, Sha Ra, ‘Put Chutney’ Raj Mohan), not because they have anything useful to do. (I’m still wondering why Pandiyarajan was hanging around.) Issues are addressed just because they have social-media value. There’s a line about caste. A line about hockey being undervalued when compared to cricket. A line about brain drain. A line about soldiers at the border. Even Swami Vivekananda’s line, where he asked for 100 energetic youth in order to transform India, finds a place. Why? Maybe because the great man said, “Arise! Awake! And stop not until the goal is reached.” And, you know, hockey is a game involving goals…

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