“Kanchana 3.”… Ragava Lawrence busts our eardrums in the most tiresome entry in the ‘Kanchana’ franchise

Posted on April 19, 2019


Spoilers ahead…

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According to Aristotle… (Reader’s mind voice: Wait! What? I thought I was reading the review of ‘Kanchana 3’. After years of sitting through films like ‘Boomerang’, has BR finally lost it?) Bear with me, please. I’m trying to make a point here. So according to Aristotle, we like scary stories because we get a sense of catharsis, a chance to purge ourselves of aggressive and negative emotions. Freud gives us another theory: horror allows us to vent out feelings and thoughts that have been suppressed by the ego. According to Jung, horror is a manifestation of primordial images that reside in the collective unconscious. But for the purposes of this review, the most important explanation for horror may be the one from Kollywood. It’s what keeps Ragava Lawrence a star, despite Motta Siva Ketta Siva.

He returns as Raghava, the man who’s so scared of ghosts that he needs his mother (Kovai Sarala) to sleep beside him, plus stand outside the bathroom and sing to him as he relieves himself. (In other words, he puts the ‘pee’ in ‘paranormal’.) This time, trouble awaits him when he visits his grandparents. Spirits have snuck into their house, which is also home to three spirited — and perpetually underdressed — young women. (They are played by Oviya, Vedhika and Nikki Tamboli, who thrusts out her hip and butt and asks Raghava to check her out.) We also have the large family from the earlier films, including the characters played by Devadarshini and Sriman. This couple gets a ‘joke’ early on, when he returns home after a long time and she falls at his feet and while getting up, her head bumps against his crotch. It may be a veiled reference, an easter egg hinting that the whole film is, well, nuts.

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