NGK + Selvaraghavan + Suriya = Can’t wait!

Posted on May 2, 2019


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I’m hoping the chance to work with a big star who’s not his brother animates Selvaraghavan, and the chance to work with a truly original writer-director recharges Suriya.

The NGK trailer is out. Is the acronym, which expands to “Nandha Gopalan Kumaran” just a string of names? Or is there something more? Is it, perhaps, a reference to (or at least a derivation from) the Thiruppavai, whose first verse contains those names, in that exact order: “Koorvel kodunthozhilan Nandagopan Kumaran”. This is a line about Krishna, the son (kumaran) of the spear (koorvel)-wielding Nanda, the head of the cow-herding Gopa tribe. I guess we’ll know when the film comes out, but the idle curiosity about the title apart, NGK is fascinating to think about, given that it unites Selvaraghavan and Suriya. Will the former find himself in the safe commercial zone of the latter, or will we find the actor moulding himself to fit into the jagged edges of this director? The answer to just this question alone should make the film a must-watch.

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