A stand on stars

Posted on May 3, 2019


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We think it’s time we stopped trying to reduce our thoughts on films (i.e. our reviews) to a bunch of stars.  

It took a star to take out the stars. The former is Shah Rukh Khan, who gently railed against the latter, today’s near-ubiquitous system of rating a movie. Films aren’t hotels, he said, at the first annual Film Critics Guild awards night. Some of us squirmed. He’s so right. The review’s headline is itself an instant summation of what the critic thought about a film. Take Kalank. The headline for Anupama Chopra’s review was: “The Artificiality Works Because The Emotions Feel Real”. The headline for Rahul Desai’s review went: “The Film Is Consumed By Its Commitment To Beauty And Boredom”. That’s all the reader requires, really. Anupama kinda-sorta liked the film, so if you use her as your guide to movie-watching, then maybe you want to give Kalank a shot. Or if Rahul is your go-to critic for movie-related decisions, then maybe you want to skip it. How does the additional aspect of a star rating add any value? You know Anupama’s verdict. You know Rahul’s verdict. Why do you actually need to see this verdict in the form of stars?

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