Off the Topic: Enigma

Posted on May 6, 2019



The following post is not about movies.

So, I have not been able to frequently comment here as I used to earlier. I wouldn’t comment on films earlier (and now) because I don’t frequent to theaters as much, so I would have nothing to comment on, and the enlightening discussions which I used to participate in, are growing more intellectual, beyond mine anyway.

I saw discussions on Left/Right ideology, Trump’s Presidency, Nationalism, Communism, Socialism, Liberals and Conservatives. I had to give myself a crash course as to understand what you people were talking about and it was damn enlightening.

I was working on an Android App in the meantime which is why I couldn’t be more vocal here, not that it matters.

I know that quite a lot of people here, are from the Software Industry. I can think of Pranesh Pandurangan who works at Dropbox (which is a cool company for folks like me!) and Rahini David (I think) and I am sure there are more of you.

I wanted to let these people know about my app and I contacted Pranesh via LinkedIn, which is a very professional way of doing these things. He didn’t seem to be active there. Then, I pinged him on Twitter. Seems he wasn’t active there either.

Then I wondered where will a software professional be more active on, if not on LinkedIn and Twitter and the answer was resounding – Baddy’s blog space.

Now Baddy has been a very gracious host to me. I’ve debuted my short films here. I’ve shared my writings here. But those were something related to the blog space. I was guilty of emailing him if I could write a #ReadersWrite where I showcased my app. I had the feeling that it was too much to ask of the guy and I wouldn’t have been disappointed if he wasn’t up for it.

But Baddy being the generous one, the benevolent one, quipped right back – “Sure. Write in.”

Thanks for that, Baddy! So here goes nothing:

I have developed an Android Application called “Enigma Chat”. It is a minimalist, secure, intimate one-to-one chat app.

It has End-To-End Encryption built in, so if there’s some smartypants waiting in the middle to intercept your messages, all he/she will receive is gibberish.

It is developed, keeping in mind, prying is something that happens everywhere. Sometimes people don’t care about others’ privacy as much they do about theirs and snoop into chats.

To overcome such prying, the individual chats can be locked and hidden, which will then require a Passcode Authentication, or Fingerprint Authentication if your device supports it.

You can set aliases, which works great for roleplays, if you are into that kind of thing, or simply to hide the identity of the person you are talking with.

There are more features which can be seen here –

Here’s a video demonstration of the features –

You can get it on Play Store –

I don’t know how to make more people download it. And I certainly cannot pay for the advertisements as the app is completely ad-free and is free to download as well, so I wouldn’t profit from it unless there’s an acquisition which won’t happen unless the app is downloaded over a million times and even then the chances are remote. The whole idea of me profiting from it is a very far fetched one.

So, I just want to, at least, make sure, it showcases me to the prospective hirers. So if you can try the app out, and if it is worth it and if you could share it in your circles, it would be a great help.

Since the app is new, and not many people have it, you won’t find someone to chat with. You can use this number (+91 1234567890). Save it in your contacts and it will show in the app. Use this contact to chat and I will get right back to you.

Lastly, here’s my LinkedIn profile – My college life makes me want to puke myself. I don’t intend to stay in college one more second than it needs to be. I will be very happy to find myself a job in a Startup or a Cool Company (read: other than Wipro, Infosys, CTS, Cognizant and their ilk) as early as in my 3rd year. (I will be completing my 2nd year, this May.)

I don’t have much of a network, so let’s connect!

(by Amit Joki)