Remembering a classic film with Alain Delon, recipient of the honorary Palme d’Or at Cannes 2019

Posted on May 16, 2019


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For a brief while, it appeared that Alain Delon might not receive the honorary Palme d’Or at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Melissa Silverstein, the founder of the American organisation Women and Hollywood, tweeted that Delon “has publicly admitted to slapping women. He has aligned himself with the racist and anti-Semitic National Front. He has claimed that being gay is ‘against nature’. The Cannes Film Festival has committed itself to diversity and inclusion. By honoring Mr. Delon, Cannes is honoring these abhorrent values.” So far, the Festival hasn’t said anything about retracting the honour, which, as always, raises the slippery-slope question about art vs. artist. Do you judge Delon by what he (apparently) said or did? Or do you simply acknowledge, as Cannes is doing, that Delon “is a legendary actor and part of Cannes history”?

It’s not easy to pick one film to celebrate the remarkable career of the ridiculously handsome Delon — so why not leave the picking to the star himself. In a 1967 television interview, promoting this famous film, one written specifically for him, Delon said of the filmmaker: “He’s the greatest director I’ve had the good fortune, pleasure and honour to work with up to this point… He’s wonderful. He knows more about cinema than anyone. He’s the greatest director I know, the greatest cameraman, the best at framing and lighting, the best at everything. He’s a living encyclopaedia of cinema.” You must remember that, by this point, Delon had already worked with Michelangelo Antonioni (L’Eclisse), René Clément (Purple Noon) and Luchino Visconti (Rocco and His Brothers, The Leopard) — so this is indeed sky-high praise. The director is Jean-Pierre Melville, and the film, Le Samouraï.

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