FC @ Cannes 2019 – A Parisian incarnation of Pa. Ranjith, plus ‘A Brother’s Love’

Posted on May 17, 2019


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Clashes between police and public aren’t new, but like in Pa. Ranjith’s films, the divide is also that of class and what passes for a caste hierarchy.

Before talking about Ladj Ly’s Les Misérables, it may be necessary to talk about Ladj Ly himself. I hadn’t heard of this filmmaker, and from his interviews, he comes across like a Parisian incarnation of Pa. Ranjith. In October 2005, two teenagers from a suburb of impoverished immigrants died while fleeing the police. Their headline-making deaths resulted in a three-week crisis, with riots everywhere, and Ly roamed the streets with his camera, recording the anger of these underprivileged people. He first shaped these events into a documentary (also titled Les Misérables), and this feature — Ly’s first — expands on this narrative. “French cinema is very closed; it’s reserved for a certain elite. You can count the black filmmakers on one hand,” he said. His mission is to capture the reality of these neglected Parisian suburbs. “I’ve had enough of other people telling our story for us.”

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