FC @ Cannes 2019 – Almodóvar’s exquisite ‘Pain and Glory’, plus ‘Little Joe’

Posted on May 19, 2019


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The first half plants the seeds that bloom beautifully in the second, which contains one astonishing scene after another. 

An early scene in Pedro Almodóvar’s exquisite Pain and Glory shows a gay filmmaker named Salvador (Antonio Banderas) reminiscing about his childhood. His mother (Penélope Cruz) and her friends are washing clothes and sheets by a river. One of them wishes for a naked man to swim by. The women laugh. Another one cracks a “cooch” joke. And then, as they hang out the sheets to dry, they begin to sing. Beautifully. The earthy humour from earlier gives way to sounds from the heaven. It’s classic Almodóvar. It reminded me of the scene by the river in Bad Education, where, similarly, earthiness (the rape of a young boy) was contrasted with ethereal music (Moon River). Pain and Glory is the Spanish master looking back at his life, his career. It’s part Amarcord, part , all Almodóvar.

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