FC @ Cannes 2019 – AR Rahman’s ‘Scent of a Song’ is a VR film that spritzes you with smells

Posted on May 20, 2019


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The idea came from Rahman’s wife, Saira, who loves perfumes. And a movie with scents made sense, because — why not?

One of the Virtual Reality attractions at Cannes 2019 was a teaser for Scent of a Song, “a musical sensory experience by AR Rahman”. Here’s a random sampling of images from the six-minute clip. A train barreling towards you. The earth seen from space. An eclipsed sun suspended over a serene lake. A giant, silvery moon. AR Rahman in a fedora, playing the accordion. And the heroine of the story, in a variety of poses. She’s so close sometimes, it feels like she’s inside your head. Later, backdropped by what looks like the New York skyline, she sings a song that goes What’s On A Man’s Mind? She also speaks, sounding like a Terrence Malick character. “What does joy smell like?” she asks. “What does fear smell like?” After watching the teaser, I spoke Kevin Doucette, who was manning the stall. He said it’s a revenge story. The heroine’s parents are murdered and she tracks down the killers through smells. She’s skilled like that.

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