FC @ Cannes 2019 – Ken Loach’s superb ‘Sorry We Missed You’ is especially important in our Amazon age

Posted on May 20, 2019


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We feel we are living these working-class lives, not just getting a set of artfully curated moments.

Ken Loach’s latest masterwork is titled Sorry We Missed You, which refers to the card left behind by FedEx-type package deliverers when the addressee is unavailable. The film opens with a scene where Ricky (Kris Hitchen) is interviewing for such a job. Watch how much we learn about Ricky from this stretch. That he used to do building works, roofing, flooring, even drainage work. That he gave it up because “it gets a bit much after freezing your balls off every winter”. (It’s also a fallout of the 2008 economic crash.) That he’s never been on the dole, a fact that impresses the interviewer, Maloney (Ross Brewster), the manager of the facility. We also learn about the company. The language Maloney speaks is dehumanised, which could be another word for “corporate-ese”. There’s no wages; there’s “fees”. There’s no joining the company; it’s called “onboarding”. We hear terms like “precisors”, which are packages that have to be delivered in a precise, one-hour window. What Maloney doesn’t tell Ricky is worse. For instance, Ricky had better keep a plastic bottle with him for pissing in, in case there’s no time for a rest stop.

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