“NGK”… Suriya is fantastically earnest, but ‘NGK’ is Selvaraghavan’s blandest movie to date

Posted on May 31, 2019


Spoilers ahead…

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In NGK, Suriya plays Kumaran, an organic farmer (M Tech, Ph.D.) and overall local do-gooder. One night, he finds a political party worker (Bala Singh) lying by a dumpster, bloody and wounded, and his first impulse is to… do good. He helps the man up. As they begin to walk, the man explains what happens. He wanted money for his daughter’s wedding, but when he asked his MLA for help, the latter asked to sleep with his daughter. The party worker refused. Hence his current state. He says educated people like Kumaran should do good, yes, but this isn’t enough — they should enter politics. Kumaran is not convinced, but the shot tells us otherwise. Sivakumar Vijayan’s camera has followed the two men from the dumpster, and as they climb a flight of stairs to the high ground, we see a gutter behind them. The gutter recedes in the background as they reach the top of the stairs, where we see a banner with MGR’s picture. See what just happened? The two men started out in the filth and now they’ve journeyed to a (metaphorical) great height, symbolised by a do-gooder whose name comes with three initials (MGR/NGK).

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