‘NGK’, ‘CCV’, ‘Kaatru Veliyidai’, and the WHY question in mainstream cinema

Posted on June 1, 2019


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Emotional (and logical) connect is an important factor in screenwriting for cinema consumed by large audiences. And yes, spoilers ahead.

I saw Selvaraghavan’s NGK yesterday. It was not an easy film to review. It’s never easy to review a problematic film made by a filmmaker you respect and like and have great hopes from. I wrote my review and have since been watching the arguments build around it. Some say the film is outright bad. (It’s most definitely not.) Others say it’s a good film, and that it’s all about reading between the lines. I’d say the film lies somewhere in between. But first, a word about reading between the lines, or “reading” a film in general. It’s okay if one scene or one twist or one characterisation or one character’s motivation is not satisfactorily explained. We can extrapolate and say, “Okay, maybe this is WHY this happened.” We can fill in that one blank. We can make up our own reason, so that the rest of the film holds up, even with this one issue.

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