‘Ishq’, starring Shane Nigam and Ann Sheetal, is NOT about moral policing…

Posted on June 3, 2019


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Rather, it’s about how subtly and insidiously patriarchy manifests itself. (Warning. Major spoilers ahead.)

Anuraj Manohar’s Ishq opens with lovers talking over the phone, at night. The boy is Sachi (Shane Nigam). The girl is Vasudha (Ann Sheetal). He’s ambling about his neighbourhood in Kochi. She’s standing on the little balcony outside her hostel in Kottayam. It’s her birthday the next day, and they are making plans. They smile a lot, and looking at them, we smile, too. At some point, Sachi sits on a bench by the side of a street. We see him from the back. In front of him lies a bunch of nondescript, middle-class houses. Beside him, there’s a tree. A full moon peeks through its branches. It’s possibly the most romantic shot of the year, and yet, when the title appears a little later, we get this tagline: “Not a love story.”

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