“Kolaigaran”… Vijay Antony and Arjun face off in a so-so murder mystery with so-so twists

Posted on June 7, 2019


Spoilers ahead…

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Who is the woman in the high rise, at the beginning of Kolaigaran, who ends up with her throat slit? We have to wait till the end of the film for an answer, but in the meantime, a charred corpse is discovered and Prabhakaran (Vijay Antony) owns up to the crime. So wait! When we are given the identity of the killer so early in a murder mystery, is he really the killer? Very soon, more cards appear on the table. We get a couple of people who may be accomplices: Prabhakaran’s neighbour Dharini (Ashima Narwal) and her mother (Seetha). We get a motive: the victim was a stalker, harassing Dharini. So what’s left for DCP Karthikeyan (Arjun Sarja) to uncover? That’s the riddle at the heart of this movie, written and directed by Andrew Louis.

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