Recalling ‘Crazy’ Mohan’s comedy, and his Kamal Haasan collaborations

Posted on June 10, 2019


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‘Crazy’ Mohan’s passing brings to mind the Tuesday-evening TV dramas on Doordarshan, when there’d be jokes like how the postman fell down: “thabaal-nu.”

To really get ‘Crazy’ Mohan, perhaps you could begin with the American Jewish comedians like Sid Caesar and Neil Simon. Their comedy was rooted in their inherent Jewishness, and you could say ‘Crazy’ Mohan’s comedy was rooted in his inherent Tam-Brahm-ness. This is a subculture with very specific (and eminently entertaining and spoof-ready) traits. Think of the Rajaparvai bit where YG Mahendran gives the visually impaired Kamal Haasan a shave. He’s humming the Shankarabharanam (film) song, Dorakuna ituvanti seva. Only, he transforms it to Dorakuna ituvanti ‘shave’-aa. This line isn’t by ‘Crazy’ Mohan, but the feel is.


Lost for words. Never met him. But look at his creative power and genius, that fans like me are missing him so much. What a pun maverick he was. Master of one liners. He gave us A to Z sirippu…without which there is only CRY left.

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