My Favourite So Bad It’s Good Film: The Kamal Haasan-starrer, ‘Kadhal Parisu’

Posted on June 29, 2019


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The director puts Radha in a short skirt. He puts Kamal in a toga, which means the hero ends up showing more leg than the heroine.

When asked to name a film that’s so bad it’s good, a ‘Gaptun’ Vijayakanth movie would seem the obvious choice. But somehow the “badness” stands out more when it comes from someone associated with quality cinema, like Kamal Haasan. The star-actor made many so-bad-it’s-good films in the 1980s (Andha Oru Nimidam, Japanil Kalyanaraman), but I chose A Jagannathan’s Kadhal Parisu, because it was released in 1987, which was a watershed year for Kamal, the year of Nayakan. Thereon, his focus changed, and even his “casual” films had the stamp of quality (think Pammal K Sambandam or Panchathanthiram). Yes, Soora Samhaaram, which came out in 1988, is a bad film, but at least, it was trying to do something different. Kadhal Parisu, on the other hand, is a lazy-ass attempt to duplicate the success of Kakki Sattai, the Kamal-Ambika starrer from 1985.

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