“Jiivi”… This existential thriller may not be good cinema, but it’s a decent watch

Posted on July 1, 2019


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Spoilers ahead…

VJ Gopinath’s Jiivi opens with a scene of Saravanan (Vettri, the leading man of 8 Thottakkal) staring at a plastic water bottle being tossed on the road from a car window. The bottle gets smashed by oncoming traffic. “That’s my life,” he feels. He’s one of those men who moved to Chennai in order to make money. But he’s stuck in a series of blue-collar jobs, and ends up making juice in a tea shop, with his friend and roommate, Mani (Karunakaran). Of his time in his hometown, he recalls, “Enakkunu oru gethu irundhichu.” (I used to be someone.) Now, he’s anonymous. And poor. He says, “Panam irukkaravana paatha poraamaya irukku.” (I’m jealous of people with money.) When we learn about Saravanan’s thirst for knowledge and his ability to outthink others, the stage seems set for a clever heist.

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