“Luca”… An artfully designed movie that’s middling but not without merit

Posted on July 1, 2019


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Spoilers ahead…

Arun Bose’s Luca is a carefully (some might say “artily”) designed film, and we see this care, this art, right from the opening, which is a jumble of images. A woman rises after sleep. A man roams the streets on his bike, in the rain. A sculptor works in his studio. Slowly, these fragments begin to cohere, and we meet two couples: one in the present, where it’s always raining, and one in the past, drenched in sunlight. The former, first. They are Akbar (Nithin George) and Fathima (Vinitha Koshy), and they are on the verge of a divorce. Akbar, a cop, is haunted by memories of Janet, and theirs is the first love song we see. Malayalam cinema keeps finding ways to break the mould. Elsewhere, the big star would be the one with this song, with its refrain: Tu chura gayi dil ki dhadkan. If we are to take this literally, Janet has stolen Akbar’s heartbeats, and there are none left for Fathima. Akbar, therefore, wants to set her free.

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