“Raatchasi”… Jyotika lectures her way through a patience-testing drama on education

Posted on July 5, 2019


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Spoilers ahead…

The opening of Raatchasi, written and directed by Sy. Gowthamraj, shows the students of a government school being herded away from school, in a lorry, by goons affiliated to a political party. When a male teacher runs out and questions them, he’s slapped. The camera rises to show us the name-board outside the school. The paint has faded. It’s a metaphor. Soon, other visuals pile up. People use the school yard to dump trash. The students are unruly. The teachers are more interested in watching YouTube videos during class. It’s this scenario that Geetha Rani (Jyotika) walks into, with a determined look that says, “I have seen To Sir, With Love, Dangerous Minds, Nammavar, Saattai… and I know how to fix things.”

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