“Kadaram Kondan”… A flat thriller that dares you to care about anything or anyone

Posted on July 23, 2019


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Spoilers ahead…

There’s a hint of promise in the opening stretch of Kadaram Kondan, by writer-director Rajesh Selva. A panoramic view of downtown Kuala Lumpur is backed by a radio announcer talking about an arts festival. It’s a longish announcement, and it’s followed by a programme of Ilayaraja songs. (The Punnagai Mannan theme reminds us of this film’s producer, Kamal Haasan.) Day, slowly, turns into night. The camera keeps zooming in on the Petronas Towers, and Ghibran’s score begins to make itself felt — it’s as though the sounds of the city are giving way to the sounds of this movie. The score becomes louder… louder… louder. Then a window near the top of a Tower splinters open as a man (Vikram) jumps out. A chase ensues. It’s as pure an “action” opening as you’ll see.

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